Bellooxa unveils premium Bellooxa One e-scooter with F1-inspired tyres

by zoya

Germany-based Lifestyle Equipment Manufacturer and Importer has launched a limited edition Bellooxa One e-scooter to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The Bellooxa One boasts unique features developed in collaboration with automotive industry leaders.

F1 equipment supplier Pirelli contributed to the development of its 11-inch tyres, designed with a raised tyre wall to ensure maximum ride comfort.

Betty, Founder and CEO of Bellooxa Lifestyle Equipment Supply, told Zag Daily: “It is well-known that flat tyres are a major concern for customers using vehicles with pneumatic tyres. Therefore, with our flagship model – the Bellooxa One – we aimed to create tyres that are both highly durable and extremely comfortable, providing optimal suspension comfort.

“For the Bellooxa One model, we decided to enhance the standard 10-inch tyre size by increasing the sidewall to maximize suspension comfort. Since this 11-inch tyre size didn’t previously exist, we developed it right here in Hamburg. With Pirelli’s expertise, we ensured the tread offers optimal puncture resistance without sacrificing suspension comfort.”

The Bellooxa One’s braking system was developed in partnership with the Bavarian company Schaeffler, which ensures protection against dirt and prevents bending when making contact with curbs.

According to Betty, these features render the brakes virtually maintenance-free and significantly more durable, thanks to a brake pad surface that is seven times larger than standard.

With 99% of Bellooxa One’s components engineered in Germany, the e-scooter features a three-step folding mechanism and a removable battery located under the running board. It also includes an integrated lock system and an additional rope lock Bellooxa mate by tex-lock to help prevent thefts.

The e-scooter’s graphite grey frame is constructed from a magnesium alloy, making it 33% lighter than conventional aluminium alloys. A 3.5-inch TFT colour display with intuitive user guidance completes the premium specifications.

The first release of this e-scooter will be available on April 20 in a limited edition of 5,000 units for $1,959 USD. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid-May.

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