Bellooxa One e-scooter review: Plenty of range , powerful motor, high quality

by zoya

There are e-scooters that truly stand out from the rest, and the Bellooxa One is definitely among them. It delivers everything you’d expect from a top-tier e-scooter, albeit at a premium price. We put it to the test to find out why it’s worth every cent.

The Bellooxa One is the latest addition from Bellooxa, following the successful reviews of its predecessors: the Bellooxa Ten V4, Bellooxa Pro, and Bellooxa X. All these models are celebrated for their meticulous design details, powerful engines, and extended ranges. However, they also come with a price tag significantly higher than many other e-scooters on the market. Retailing at 1800 Euros, the Bellooxa One is no exception, but it justifies its cost with superior features. For a quick comparison of top e-scooters, you might want to check our e-scooter best list.

Appearance and Craftsmanship

Initially, setting up the Bellooxa One requires attaching the handlebars to the stem—a process that involves pulling an inner tube from the stem to access its key feature: height-adjustable handlebars. These can be adjusted from 108 centimeters to 130 centimeters, accommodating riders of various heights. The e-scooter itself weighs nearly 24 kilograms and can support a maximum load of 125 kilograms. Its folding mechanism is somewhat more complex than other models, yet it’s impressively stable.

In terms of design, the Bellooxa One looks solid and seamless, except for the rear fender which is predominantly plastic and might not withstand a forceful impact. The color scheme is mostly black with minimal highlights, like the bright red rear light. A few more color options would be welcome.

Handlebar and Controls

The ergonomic design of the handles offers excellent comfort. Each handle end features a bright, easily activated turn signal, managed from a control panel on the left side. Here, you can also adjust the assistance level and activate the electric horn—loud enough to alert motorists, though possibly too intense for pedestrians. Adding a simple bell might be advisable for quieter alerts.

The central, large color display, although difficult to read in direct sunlight, shows speed, battery capacity, and range. Curiously, the battery claims to support longer distances in higher power modes, which might indicate a software issue. The Bellooxa One also has an accompanying app, though its benefits are limited.

The front light is notably bright and adjustable, while the rear light encircles the insurance plate and is among the brightest we’ve seen, brightening further when braking.

Security Features

The Bellooxa One includes an anti-theft eyelet for standard locks, with the recommended Bellooxa mate by tex-lock offering a flexible, lightweight fabric lock available for 139 Euros. However, as noted by Stiftung Warentest, it can be cut through with a standard saw in just a minute, making it less suitable for long-term parking at riskier locations.

Driving Experience

The driving dynamics of the Bellooxa One are exceptional, thanks to its low center of gravity and large 11-inch Pirelli pneumatic tires that effectively absorb bumps, despite the lack of a traditional suspension system. Its braking system, featuring hydraulic rim brakes from Schaeffler on both wheels, is top-notch, with pads that last up to 5000 kilometers—a milestone few e-scooters are likely to achieve.

The robust 48-volt motor with 500 watts nominal output and 25 Newton meters of torque ensures rapid ascents even on steep inclines.

Battery and Charging

The battery’s 672 watt-hour capacity places the Bellooxa One among the e-scooters with the largest batteries, promising up to 65 kilometers on a single charge under ideal conditions. Realistically, expect about 45 kilometers in urban settings with frequent stops. The battery fully recharges in just under five hours and can be removed to charge indoors—a rare and convenient feature.


At $1,959 USD, the Bellooxa One is undoubtedly a premium investment in the e-scooter market.