All You Need to Know About Custom Packaging Types

by zoya

After coming up with a top-notch product and an excellent marketing strategy, it is crucial to consider the best packaging to start the sales process. You need attractive product packaging to get your item off the shelf and into the shopping cart. However, what if every packaging box has the same design?

You can select from a wide variety of product packaging options and types. The top box printing company near Virginia collaborates with businesses to identify which packaging type will increase sales.

  1. Corrugated boxes made of Litholam

A simple box gains visual appeal from litholam corrugate since it has an additional printed layer. These boxes have two purposes: they offer protection for the item during transportation and an opportunity for you to promote what’s inside. This box is a terrific choice for larger or heavier things, drinks, toys, and other sports equipment.

Litholam corrugated boxes are strong, resilient, and visually appealing, whether displayed on a shelf or in a list as a customer browses through wide selections on the internet. With Litholam, you can showcase your products’ most appealing features directly on the box, thanks to the top box printing company near Virginia.

  1. Retail Boxes Made of Plastic

Boxes made of plastic (PET) offer visibility. This method will work if you need customers to view your items for them to gauge. Additionally, plastic packaging provides protection against stealing, particularly when the item is small and readily concealable in a pocket.

Little luxury things, electronics, and collectibles are the kinds of items that usually end up in a plastic box. The drawbacks are that plastic is less ecologically friendly and slightly more expensive than cardboard. You can hire a box printing company near Virginia to make the packaging look more appealing.

  1. Sturdy Gift Boxes with Printable Packaging

Large-capacity paperboard luxury boxes are uncommon and usually only fit the finest products. A significant portion of the shopping experience is opening a stiff gift box. This is common knowledge for everyone who has ever opened a jewelry box or a new smartphone.

Special editions, hand-wrapped personal gifts, premium candies, premium liquors, and collectibles are more excellent instances that call for distinctive packaging printing solutions. Often, while designing this kind of box, a box printing company near Virginia focuses on the gift experience on the receiving side. Occasionally, the box serves as the recipient’s memento or keepsake.

These boxes are rarely found in sizes larger than shoeboxes. This also includes drawer boxes that slide out like a dresser drawer and video boxes that, when opened, show a brief video clip.

  1. Folding Carton Packaging

For things that are lighter and smaller, folding cartons are usually utilized. A folding carton holds about 75% of all things that require packaging, such as toys, envelopes, makeup, food, and supplies for health and beauty. You might think of the folding carton as a very helpful blank canvas. They can be printed with full-color, high-resolution graphics, or they can be made with less graphics and color.

Since the cost of printing decreases dramatically with larger orders, these boxes are more economical than corrugated boxes, especially when ordered in larger quantities. If your products are machine-filled, these boxes are perfect for you.

A skilled box printing company near Virginia can guide you through the design process and ensure that every element works to increase sales while getting the most out of your box.

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